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Coffin Fittings

Funeral Supplies |  Coffin Fittings


We offer an extensive range of plastic coffin handles which include both one piece and hinged in a choice of finishes.

We offer an extensive range of metal coffin handles which include both one piece, hinged and casket in a choice of finishes and colours.

Our wide range of coffin accessories includes such items as coffin drapes, palls and lowering cords.

Our selection of coffin ornaments, crucifixes and coffin plates come in a wide choice of sizes, styles and finishes.

Our coffin fixtures and coffin fittings includes a complete range of T-Ends and a number of styles of screw and wreath holder styles in both metal and plastic finishes.

As an alternative to the more traditional style of handles and fittings our wooden coffin handles and wooden coffin fixtures & fittings offer a more natural choice.

Funeral Supplies |  Coffin Fittings



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