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Ash Caskets & Urns

Funeral Supplies |  Ash Caskets & Urns


Striking designs on recycled cardboard make these inexpensive and environmentally friendly Scattering Tubes very popular.

Our range of wooden ash caskets and wooden urns are available in a selection of styles, finishes and sizes.

Our range of metal urns offer a long lasting alternative to the wooden cash askets and are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Our miniature keepsake urns hold a small part of the ashes for families to keep as a reminder of their loved one. They come in a variety of tasteful designs and are hand made for a superior finish.

With the increasing demand for environmentally aware products we have started to develop a range of biodegradable ash caskets and urns that offer a greener alternative to the more traditional ash caskets and urns.

Plastic urns represent a low cost alternative for the transportation and storage of ash remains.

Ornamental ash caskets and urns for all the ashes of the deceased. Highly decorative and ornamental these urns offer families a tasteful reminder of their loved one within the home.

Sturdy and robust ash scatterers for the effective and dignified scattering of ash remains.

Funeral Supplies |  Ash Caskets & Urns



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